Stockholm’s Chocolate Factory

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And again Stockholm! Södermalm is one of the most interesting and lively islands of the city. One can find a lot of cafés, bars and shops, the trendy SoFo, the beautiful Katarina church from the 17th century, historical wooden houses and – thanks to the wavy location  –  terrific vantage points of the city and water.

Schild über dem Eingang der Schokoladenfabrik in Stockholm

Not only artists, intellectuals and tourists feel comfortable in this place. There is also a home for chocolate: The Chocolate Factory, in Swedish: Chokladfabriken. You won’t meet Willy Wonka here, but pralines, petit fours, muffins and bars leave little to be desired as well as the chocolate from the famous curiosities factory in Roald Dahl’s novel. Three laws must be obeyed in Stockholm’s Chokladfabriken:

1. all products in the shop must contain chocolate of the highest quality, 2. everything has to be handmade and 3. everybody is welcome. Following these premises, delicacies arise in the kitchen.

The chocolate mix purchased for schokonautic testing purposes was fantastic! As without exception, all the chocolates earn predicate „excellent“, it’s almost impossible to name highlights. However, I will present three very fine pralines.

Pralinen aus der Stockholmer Schokoladenfabrik

The heart-shaped Passionstryffel contains fruity passion fruit puree, but it’s not the color that catches the attention (the filling is uniformly dark brown), it’s the taste that comes all the more into play. And with a fresh and natural touch of the exotic you can only love this chocolate (and quickly eat up). Before tasting Kardemummatryffel you know what hides under the cover of dark chocolate: the sweden-typical cardamom reveales itself by the intense fragrance. That doesn’t mean that chocolate is getting a raw deal – spice and chocolate melt into a finely balanced alliance. Kickshaw no. three, Cognacstryffel, contains of course Cognac, in a very interesting manner. The alcohol is not added to the filling, but represented as its own very delicate and semi-solid layer in the lower range of the praline. Wonderfully mild it melts along with the strong chocolate in the mouth.

In Södermalms Chokladfabriken one can not only purchase the precious pralines, but can also enjoy them on-site. You can sit down at a few small tables or on grass-green cuboids and sip a hot chocolate. In addition, different chocolate courses are offered in which versed confectioners impart their knowledge. There are also chocolate tastings, in case you are at least six persons they are also available in English.

Chokladfabriken (Södermalm), Renstiernas gata 12, 116 28 Stockholm, Schweden

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